Who Is ESP?

Bonnie Slater-deMont

Bonnie worked in the Incentive Travel field for eleven years before becoming an entrepreneur in the industry. Fourteen years ago she founded Event Strategy Planners to provide unprecedented quality service at trusted and net costs (no mark-ups) to her clients. This is a unique philosophy in today's travel industry, where cost mark-ups are routine practice. Years ago, as an industry employee, Bonnie saw "mark ups" on every aspect of a client's program, and decided there had to be a fairer way to do business. That's why today, regardless of the scope of work and how many times it may change, ESP charges one set management fee for services rendered and does all program work at trusted and net costs. Bonnie prides herself on providing personalized service to program participants, while maximizing savings to the host company. She has a national and international reputation among both clients and vendors as an expert in the planning, negotiation and operation of quality incentive travel programs and meetings. ESP clients include: Princess House Inc, New England Chrysler Jeep Dealers and Serono Pharmaceuticals. Before establishing ESP, Bonnie was employed by Tri Companies, Inc., a full service incentive/marketing company with over 50 employees, where she was a key account manager responsible for the Operations, Negotiations and Purchasing on travel programs.

Pamela Landry

Pamela has worked in the special events and customer service industries for the past 13 years. Her broad experience includes event planning, project management, and customer satisfaction management. Pamela's unique strengths stem from a cross-industry background, including non-profit event planning and fundraising, project management in the special education field and event development and implementation in the education field. Her diverse experience has given her the skills to quickly adapt to the specific needs and complexities of individual customer requirements. Pamela's organizational skills and attention to detail is truly an asset, along with her ability to multi-task, ensuring that all necessary program components are tended to without missing a single detail. Pamela prides herself on customer satisfaction and utilizes all of her skills and resources to exceed her customer's expectations.

Irene Gilbreath

Rene has worked in the meetings industry for the past 16 years. She has developed a reputation as a leader in customer oriented planning of quality incentive travel programs and corporate sales meetings. Rene excels in developing long-standing relationships with vendors, an invaluable asset in the industry. Her goals are to plan and deliver world-class events, provide incomparable service to program participants, and maximize savings to the host company.
Before joining ESP, Rene was employed by MFS Financial Services where she spent twelve years as an event planner specializing in contract negotiations, vendor research, purchasing and operations. She also worked in Operations / Sales for a charter travel company and in the hospitality segment of the hotel industry. Rene has a Bachelor's of Science in Hotel / Restaurant / Travel Administration.